Facility Comparison & Improvement Planning

PC Sports provides a review of existing facilities and its existing state including required cap-ex improvements to maintain existing operations. In addition to the facility review, PC Sports tours similar venues to gain an industry standard and expectation of the regional/ national fans, franchises, and leagues. PC Sports will provide an itemized priority list to provide the client a detailed road map to reach their goals within their budget and time line.

Site Selection 

PC Sports assists the owner in identifying sites which are most appropriate for the specific project.  Sites are evaluated for utility services, access, zoning, restrictions, etc. Checklists of local, state and federal regulations are referenced to ensure that no environmental issues will negatively impact site utilization.


PC Sports has extensive experience in selecting and directing programming consultants. This experience in working with programmers will ensure that the owner’s facility needs are clearly determined and defined.


PC Sports works with the owners and operators to thoroughly review current facility and event operations. Our review is comprehensive and includes all aspects of facility and event operations (Facilities, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Operations, Staffing, Food & Beverage, Information Technology, Audio/Video Production, Event Management, and Budget). PC Sports seeks to gain full insight into the current condition of the facility and its operating procedures. After conducting the review PC Sports develops a facility management report outlining our findings.

Close Out

During final stages of project completion, PC Sports closely monitors and documents the activities of the contractor to make certain that punch list items are promptly completed. PC Sports has added provisions to the contractor’s contract which severely penalize the contractor should he fail to diligently complete the punch list. During the warranty period, PC Sports continues to serve as the owner’s advocate to make certain that any warranty work is expeditiously completed.

This solution was implemented on the following projects:

Our sister company Project Control provides Project Management, Program Management, and Owner's Representation services for a variety of Market Sectors including, Commercial, Municipal, Education, Community, and Science & Technology.

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